Hi i am the editor of, Randy Poole. Whats going on here? Well, there will be one main easily editable public commerce site, and we plan to be it. For our area's database's we have a public billboard page. Easily added, edited or deleted.

Randy Poole

Ready to go, i think i have it dialed in.

  1. setting up a drupal 8 multi site for "The New Oregon Trail" - Portland City Center, Cascade Locks, Hood River, The Dalles, Arlington, Pendleton, La Grande, Baker City, Ontario, Caldwell, Napa, Boise, Mountain Home, Glenns Ferry, Bliss, Wendell, Jerome, Twinfalls. This means i only need to update one site and they all get updated.
  2., Using 1 database and the drupal table prefix so i only have to pay for one base.(i read this is not a good idea in case of trouble with a site, so will go separate bases.) Using aws RDS that puts the base's behind a subnet plus does all the saving and recover, pretty cool stuff. aws EC2 ssh in on a dedicated linux, unused ports shut, unneeded processes off, not using root, my ip only login, box.
  3. lamp (linux, apache, mysql, php.) built from scratch will not use aws pre-install.
  4. aws s3 storage w/ cloudfront push_which means aws copy's Your contents and paste them at other points around the earth. Using the s3 for a CDN for as much as i can _Your browser can only open so many request at a time, by having the image coming from some other place frees up request and if You pimp Your image putting all images into one then using css3 to show the image even speeds things up more. .
  5. H5 video has finally made it will have it or flash. Cloudfront has adobe's RTMP loaded so You can also use flashes best practices and be a CDN.
  6. mod-security, all traffic goes thru this Apache module first (i think this is how paypal does it's security.) .
  7. Aws free ssl/tls
  8. Server Scan, Linux Bash file when login: last access, any files different and how, any change to the size of the server and more.
  9. Data Process, our businesses do not have to do anything, we will add them from public data. Making a spread sheet of businesses, off line so we can add off line data also. Then will use xml to upload the part of the spread sheet that matches the data base fields in the cms. Will keep an updated copy at a bank safety deposit box. This gives secure off line storage of data and keeps the data independent of any data base type.
  10. Bringing everything in to just the business directory _alpha _cat, emergency numbers, 1 site seeing map, $1.00 per update, ad on the money page, ledger, Your the retail. Then i plan to hit the road can not wait will start with the emergence numbers first will be in the tan ford 500, Man i Love this stuff!

"The buck stops here! Thanks"...ed

    Some Notes:
  1. Feb 23,2018 Net Time Stamp: Wanted to post what we are doing with AR Augmented Reality. Will be dilivering all kinds of content, by accessing an business billboard page that is edited by the owner, The customer then points to an marker with phone glases or device an recives 3d info from AR on screen in front of them, news, books, magazines, internet, video, links. ai-pa, searches, ads and any thing else we can think of. Just wanted to get this time stamped to help perserve any Open Source law if needed. is Allways Open Source! As long as im ed.
  2. Competition is so important to freedom. Would like to help the Chamber of Commerce in any way i can.
  3. lon/lat is the new address. Our lon/lat on our billboard pages is 4' from door or doors. Multiple floors will have bottom floor altitude, plus floor altitude. Not sure how accurate different geo systems are, they will only get better. Much better when you have doors in a building, for delivers and safety exits. Pretty cool, then I just make a lon/lat link to a map Site.
  4. To start a zeda in Your area. We will need to do a 30 day vote.
  5. When zeda hits (when i start making $3000.00/month.), i will run/edit an unvoted 4 year term. Then will run by vote and if i win a final 4 years. i will run/edit zeda for no more than 8 years maximum. Min 5 million max 50 million, 20 years remuneration users will vote. Randy Thomas Poole. Of course none of this matters if You read the Constitution All important things. My hope is You decide on less then 5 mil maybe 1.00 dollar to set a precedent. (I promise I will be fine just by the free marketing :)
  6. Drill down authentic site finder, - -
  7. color #0080ff
  8. For years i have tried to put into a few words what is, i finally have this. After we build traffic, the low-income will have a free place to market them selves. And we are an accounting organization.
  9. Hon-ey-comb security design, our sites are privately owned and ran on other servers. Off line storage of personal information.
  10. We understand we have got to find a way for the lowest income to live a natural life without all this stress, if we are ever going to compete with stealing and selling drugs.
  11. If money makes the world go around then it should not be hard to make it.
  12. Never forget this network is for the least of us.
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The New Oregon Trail

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